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[BAV Girl Phenomena]

BAV Girl Phenomena©℠ is an esteem building program to motivate girls and women to make healthy & safe relationship choices. It is an opportunity to renew or forge a connection with God first and earthly mates second.  You will strengthen your values in this journey. The program includes examining historical wellness, nutrition and health insights along with other factors.

 Group identification is a form of support to help overcome temptations during the exploratory newness of relationship building or seeking.  Becoming a BAV Girl provides subtle strength to simply…WAIT and determine if your choice for of partner is a right choice for you.  Right choices can be based on the element of time and preference and spiritual factors.
Image and esteem contribute to our life decisions and choices in partners.  The BAV Girl Phenomenon©℠ stands for girls & women who become a Born Again Virgin.  It is a reminder that while seeking right relationships… “Your body is not owed or owned to anyone including the dating phase of new & not so new relationships”.  BAV Girls step back and examine their comfort zone of how to determine physical, mental and emotional intimacy.  

BAV Speakers and Workshops include but are not limited to discussions and exercises to promote the healing of relationship mishaps (wrong or untimely choices). 

 Have you ever felt pressured to “show appreciation or be thankful” for someone choosing either to date or create a relationship? 

Just because it’s a nice person doesn’t mean it’s the right person for you. 
Do you measure a person based on the influence of popularity and image in others eyes?  

 Does your choice in dating stem from filling loneliness or popularity void or a real interest in the person you date?

 Beware of jumping on the dating bandwagon too soon after a breakup or a relationship loss either to death, divorce or differences?
Reflective thought is needed to avoid date trends of pressured behavior for outward appearances. 

Are you depressed, confused, frustrated, a widow, or caregiver, divorced? 
Are you a young adult with new found free choice and uncertain of limits or faith driven boundaries that the peer pressure of expectancy can attract?  

 Are you a teen or adolescent with peer pressures and/or battling adult controls?
Do you need parenting tips to better communicate on relationships and self esteem with your teen or college student?
Need assistance to review the trend of validated companionship, faith, spiritual values and other comfort zones without pressure for physical or emotional expectations?

The BAV Girl Phenomena©℠ will offer:
Workshops that include spoken word, poetry, drama, music and other art forms. 
Esteem reflection and building for multiple ages and life seasons.  Seminars
Conference & Networking Opportunities
Motivational items. 

Stands for women who become born again virgins during any life segment (college students, singles of all ages and generations, divorced and widowed those in recovery of wrong relationship choices and acts of violence).  It will utilize educational, spiritual, and motivational speakers, seminars, workshops and network gatherings to aid discovery of individual comfort zones.  If at first you don't success remember you can be born again!

Our Speakers Network is available for seminars, workshops and vending opportunities:

Sandra D. Lawrence
ICAP Inc., P.O. Box 19101
(215) 221-4249


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