BAV Girl Phenomena(C) SM,  Is an esteem building concept developed by Sandra D. Lawrence to support young and life seasoned women for abstinence and celibacy while examining the strengths and weaknesses thru self-assessments for building healthy relationships. It is an opportunity to discover your personal journey and faith walk to seek spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and historical wellness.

 Empower yourselves as women of God. BAV also provides special parenting workshops (includes grandparents raising grandchildren and teen/youth programs).  BAV is available to faith based groups, fraternal organizations, teen and young adult groups, rites of passage programs and clergy leadership for seminars, consultations and sensitivity awareness of these topics.

Group identification helps to reinforce a healthy esteem awareness. 

BAV uses a speakers network of resources including the historical wellness, music, spoken word, poetry and nutrition/health aspects that relate to this focus. 

Being a BAV Girl is the confidence of knowing that your values on sexuality and intimacy are shared by others.  There is no shame to your principals of choice.
You do not stand alone.  It is a quiet yet strong reinforcement of your choice to wait. It provides subtle strength to simply..... WAIT until you are secure in relationship to your faith and individuality.

Self-confidence stimulates healing and contributes to one's life journey.  The BAV Girl Phenomena(c)SM, stands for women who are educated on matters of self-empowerment.  BAV is an acronym for "born again virgins" and introduced during any life segment (teens, college students, singles of all ages and generations, divorced and widowed, those in recovery of wrong relationship choices and acts of dating violence).  It will utilize educationally and spiritually motivated speakers, seminars, workshops and network gatherings to aid discovery of individual comfort zones.  If at first you don't succeed...... remember go BAV!